PYNE autostudios




First of all,  PYNE  AUTOSTUDIOS  is not yet a licensed company / corporation with the State of Washington.  PYNE AUTOSTUDIOS is a website created by David E. Pyne in order to begin a business  in  automobile development.  As with any new business with many ideas and limited finances, I have to take baby steps even though I have ( since 1979 ) designed, built, rebuilt, customize, and repaired a verity of objects, mostly boats, cars, and recreational vehicles.  I have worked with many companies.  Most of the time  I have been self employed.  COACHWORKS INC. was my company.  We mainly performed collision repairs on RV's, autos, and marine craft.  RV repair became the main income to pay the bills and allow myself to start to build the patterns for SHEAR SPEEDSTER.  With  a small company, you can feel the effects of the economy pretty quick. You also have the ability to adjust quicker than larger companies if the income is there.  Six months after  9 -11- 2001  I could start feeling that customers were trying to hold on to there money, not spending as much. Projects are a little smaller.  We adjusted by getting a wider verity of work and/or lowering prices where you can to get by.  As each year goes by and the economy gets a little more insecure. The rumors of recession,  actually help cause recession,  and  so on, and so on, until we all know what happened in 2008.  By 2010 ,  It was more work to do the paperwork with the State of Washington, then there was coming in the shop. I now have changed the companies direction to what I have always intended to do in the first place - design and build handcrafted automobiles from the ground up.    The work I do now would be considered more of a hobby  than a business, which I am happy with for right now.  I keep very busy with the projects I currently have.   I am currently looking for new shop space that's in better location and more space.  Shear speedster and other molds and patterns are stored at my home for now.   Shop space does cost money and rarely gets cheaper so business volume needs to get larger and/or more money per project,   or   find  that special someone that wants a specialty car custom built and has the guts to believe in me and my abilities.    The price to to have a custom car built will never be better than right now!!       Why trust me,  especially  when I am not even license with the State.   Well for one, I will be licensed again soon once I get busy again.   But even being a licensed company is no guarantee your going to get your moneys worth. Companies come and go.   My  name,  DAVID PYNE  goes on every project.  I still  take care of my past customers to this day if they need me, what company does that when they run into trouble.  I guarantee my workmanship.  I  treat my customers like gold.  I go the extra mile to make it right.  I stick to the estimate I write even if I have to put extra hours into your project.  I have happy repeat customers.  I have references.  I have been building all kinds of things since I was a child and professionally since 1979.  I DON'T USE DRUGS and I NEVER SUPPORTED MY BUSINESS BY SELLING DRUGS !!       (that's probably why I am a struggling while some others remain in business.   I know of a few.)   I am educated.   I continue to self educate.  I study and try to keep informed on  my industry , all materials, and science.  I  like a challenge,  I enjoy working on unusual projects and I can add  many Ideas to your project. You will definitely get your money's worth.  If You have the financial resources. Take a chance,  You will find out it was not that much of a chance after all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sincerely   David  E.  Pyne