PYNE autostudios


Rear glass is removed for instructions only. Install rear visor while rear glass is on vehicle. Use automotive masking tape, DO NOT USE  DUCT TAPE or CELIOPHANE TAPE for final step.

Step #1 -  Use  Glass cleaner to remove dirt, etc.  Clean rubber molding thoroughly.



Step # 2 - You will need a heat gun or hair dryer, tape measure, pen or pencil, and masking tape. The yellow masking tape shown in photo is just there to show you the dimensions for locating the eight stainless steel clips.  You will need the masking tape for the last step.  Just make your location marks on the rubber molding. All measurements are from the very out side edge of rubber molding.

Step # 3 -  Use heat gun or hair dryer to soften the rubber molding.   S.S. clip will easily slip under molding.  Use Caution If using heat gun.  Possible damage could occur to paint finish, molding, or glass.


 Clip shown installed.


 Clips shown installed.


Step #4 -  Wipe  S.S. clips and rubber molding clean of grease using one of the following depending on how sensitive your paint finish is. ( listed from mild to strongest )  Rubbing alcohol, Wax and Grease remover, Lacquer thinner, Acetone


Step # 5 - Read and Follow Directions on package of epoxy. Cut epoxy into eight rounds ( you may have some epoxy remaining.) Roll into a ball shape and place on top of  S.S. clip. (see next photo)



Step # 6 - On back of  visor.  Remove plastic film on double back tape.


Step # 7 -  Flip visor over and locate visor on upper portion of rear glass and molding.  The double back tape bonds to the molding, not the glass. Use the masking tape to secure location of visor.  Unlike the photo, Tape will be touching the body finish.  Once the visor is secured in place, use a long shaft screw driver to gently push up on each S.S. clip to spread and flatten out epoxy ball onto inside surface of the visor. Wait a min. of  4 hours for epoxy to set up . 

 Visor will hold up at highway speed. Warranty is voided above legal speed limit.